Pressure loss Bend 90°    

Pressure loss Bend 90°

Pressure loss in pipe bends

Δ p = K · ρ/2 · v2

Δ p: Pressure loss of a bend 90º
K : Resistance coefficient (Friction Factor) of a bend 90º
ρ: Density
v: Average Speed in the pipe
Re: Reynolds number Re = ρ · v · d / η
μ: Dyn. Viscosity
d: Inner diameter of the bend

The Resistance coefficient in bends is a function of the Re-number, the roughness of the pipe wall and the bend geometry. A bend affects the flow pattern in front and behind the bend. The pressure drop of bends in series is lower or equal than the pressure drop calculated by adding the pressure loss of every single bend. TECCINESS assumes that the inner diameter of the pipe equals the inner diameter of the bend.

The Resistance coefficient for Re < 2320 (laminar flow) is calculated according to [Ghia 1977, page 648]. The graph plotted by Ghia has been approximated as follows:

K / K,p = 0.026 · Dean ^0.661 +1

Kp = π/2 · r/d · 64/Re   Resistance coefficientof a straight pipe with the length of the bend´s midline
Dean= Re · (d/r)^0.5 Dean-number
r Radius of the bend´s midline

The Resistance coefficient for Re > 2320 (transition or turbulent state) is calculated by a set of equations presented by [Krüger 1970, page 39 ff]. Krüger takes into consideration the bend radius and the wall roughness.

ε /d 2320 < Re < 2 x 10^5Re > 2 x 10^5
> 0.001 
< 0.001 Re > Re*
Re < Re*

f   : Darcy Friction Factor of the straight pipe
f,o: Darcy Friction Factor of a smooth straight pipe
ε: roughness of the pipe wall
Re* = (2,89/(1+1000 x ε /d))^12

K = f(Re)
K = f(Re)

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