System curve and pump curve  

System curve and pump curve

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  • System Curves: Up to 3 system curves in a project - study the implications of different volume flows, storage levels, surface roughnesses, material values (density, viscosity) and/or different designs of piping, valves and other devices.

  • Pump Curves: Up to 5 pump curves in a project - compare different pump types and models. Further options are pumps in series, pumps in parallel and the variation of speed.

  • Data Exchange: Save your project on your PC. You can upload and continue your project on your next visit.

  • Diagrams: Check where your system curves and pump curves meet best for your point of operation.

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System Curves Pump Curves
Characteristic 1
Characteristic 1
Supplement Characteristic 2
Characteristic 2
Characteristic 3
Supplement Characteristic 4
Characteristic 3
Characteristic 5

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