pump and ventilator efficieny

Calculation of the efficieny:
  1. Enter volume flow V at best efficiency point.
  2. Enter the pump head H at best efficiency point.
  3. Enter power reserve S.
The minimum efficiency at best efficiency point will be calculated according to EU 547-2012 (η1,BEP) using flow, head, speed and pump type. In addition the minimum efficiencies at 75% volume flow (partial load, PL) and 110% volume flow (overload, OL) will be determined.
The efficiency of the gearbox and the coupling will be set to 1 (η2=1).
With factor S (1 <= S <= 2) you determine how much reserve output a IEC norm motor should at least have. The rated power Pn will be chosen from the following rating chart.

Pn [kW]0.751.
Pn [kW]18.522303745557590110132

rated power

Means of Calculation
Hydraulic pump efficiency water pumps EU 547-2012

Volume flow* m³/h Discharge Head* m
Nominal power   Pn = f (S · P2) S* -

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