Terms of use    

Terms of use

1. Conditions of use

Private and commercial use of TECCINESS are free of charge. The operation of TECCINESS can be cancelled at any time without preannouncement.

2. Liability

TECCINESS cannot give any warranty as to its suitabiltiy for any purpose and cannot be held liable for the correctness of the presented data, calculations, downloads and graphics.

3. Contents of third parties

Please inform us about links you deem to be illegal or illegal websites that provide links to TECCINESS. TECCINESS expressly disclaims responsibility for the content of such sites.

4. Data protection

TECCINESS doesn´t collect any personal data. Entered data is not stored permanently.

5. Copyright

All rights related to the software developped for this website are owned by its author as far as no other author is mentioned. Any use of this software outside TECCINESS is not allowed.

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