Pressure Drop Theory    

Pressure loss-Insulation-Span: Physical properties and Theory

Pressure loss

Frictionless fluid flow


Pressure loss of the viscous flow

Hydraulic diameter

Straight Piping

Hagen, Poiseuille, Couette
Pressure loss of the straight pipe

Bend 90°

Pressure loss in pipe bends
Resistance coefficient Bend 90°

Miscellaneous: fittings, filter, valves, flow meter, heat exchanger, etc.

Flow coefficient kv, cv
Flow coefficient kv for diverse fittings

Resistance coefficient (Friction Factor)
Resistance coefficient for diverse fittings


Centrifugal pumps DIN EN ISO 2858
Speed adjustment of pumps


Pipe insulation and heat losses

Thermal conductivity pipe material and insulation material
Check for dew formation on the surface
Wind strength and air speed

Wet cooling tower

Humid Air
Wet Bulb Temperature


Span and Beam Theory
Steel Pipe Elastic modulus

Physical properties and Pipe

Physical properties of liquids and gases
Water hardness
Steel Pipe dimensions
Plastic pipe dimensions

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