Discharge Head   

Discharge Head

Discharge Head


The head H is defined as



For the determination of the intersection of system curve and pump curve it is useful to relate the static pressure of the pumps outlet p´3 to the axis of it´s suction side. Static pump pressure p3 corresponds to the static pressure of the system curve. Pressure difference (p3-p2) can be calculated without knowledge of the difference in height Δhp of the pumps suction- und pressure side.

H: Discharge Head
Δhp: Difference in height of the pumps suction- and pressure side.
p2: Static pressure on pumps suction side.
3: Static pressure on pumps pressure side.
p3: Static pressure on pumps pressure side calculated back to level of pump shaft (axis of suction flange)
v2, d2: Average speed on suction sided with inner diameter d2
v3, d3: Average speed on pressure side with inner diameter d3
ρ: Density
g: Acceleration due to gravity, g = 9,81 m/s2

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