Pipe span and pipe weight  

Pipe span and pipe weight

Calculation of pipe span and pipe weight

The pipe weight per unit length delivers the line load.
Calculation of Pipe Span with Beam Theory.
  1. Determine the weight of the medium by entering its density.
  2. Determine weight, geometry, flexibility and strength of the pipe. The pipe takes all forces.
  3. Determin the weight of the insulation by entering its thickness and its density.
  4. Determine the weight of the shell by entering its thickness and its density
  5. Last but not least choose the maximum deflection you would accept. Calculation will show the corresponding bending stress.

Deflection and pipe span will be calculated for the one span beam tilt mounted (worst case) and the one span beam fixed at both ends (best case). Values will be calculated for 10%, 50% and 100% of the maximum bending stress.


Means of Calculation Steel Pipe
Plant Fluid Density  ρo * kg/m³

Pipe wall

Pipe outside diameter  do * mm
  s1 * mm Density  ρ1 * kg/m³
Elastic modulus   E * kN/mm2=GPa Maximum bending stress   σ * N/mm2=kPa


s2 * mm Density  ρ2 * kg/m³


s3 * mm Density  ρ3 * kg/m³

Maximum deflection:    mm

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